Slot-A DJ's for Rakim at Park West (Chicago)

Slot-A recently was pleasantly surprised by an opportunity to Open for the legendary Rakim @ Park West in Chicago. DJing for an opening act and frequent collaborator Add-2, everything was running as scheduled. Solo Sam takes the stage and after his set I DJ until the headliner Rakim's DJ gets there to take over or so I thought.

Its getting later into the night and we already have the separate set of turntables ready for whoever Rakim Has lined up and ready to go. Then I receive an hand on my shoulder and its Rakim's Manager, with a flash drive full of Rakim's music for the show. Then boom, we get Rakim's music set up and ready to go then... I cut the music and announced Rakim. Boom! First joint plays and after that the whole set is a blur.

Had a chance to chop it up with him afterward and he's the nicest guy. I normally don't like meeting my heros because you never know what type of day their having and how that can transpire with you. But this one was on the eve of me turning 30 years old.

Best present ever.