Beat! Lo-Fi Social

Beat Lo-Fi Social has hit quiet a few miles stones this past weekend. Created by Slot-A in partnership with BringingDownTheBand. BLS has turned into its own movement here in the city of Chicago & Indianpolis.

BLS was created by Slot-A to be a bridge for producers around the world. Empowering the production community and giving producers the platform to let them know that they too can be artists.

Since Thanksgiving 2015, the facebook group, Beat! has an online following on facebook of 700+ active users and growing. LoFi Social radio which started on April 13th is on its 8th episode which features the likes of Add-2 of Jamla Records, Japandrew from Virtual Vertigo, Thelonious Martin & many more, which includes beat sets and other independent producers getting regular air play. Lo-Fi Social the event is not only a Chicago event but a midwest event in collaboration with BringingDownTheBand brought to the beautiful city of Indianapolis. The Chicago LFS is now home at Subterranean Lounge every third Sunday of each month. LFS has featured the likes of Sev Seveer of Push Beats, Neak, Rashid Hadee, Pugs Atomz, Ilajide and L.A.Z. of Clear Soul Forces and more to come.

Make sure to follow Beat Lo-Fi Social on, Twitter: @beatlofisocial and our website!. More social media platforms to come.